January Member of the Month- Dena Espenscheid


January Member of the Month- Dena Espenscheid

If you’ve been to any of our shoots or events you’ll remember January’s Member of the Month Dena Espenscheid. Dena has done more than attend Bad Brass events; she’s also helped organize them. Her larger than life personality helped us secure guest speaker, Nikki Turpeaux at our annual fundraiser. Dean works for the Independent Women’s Network which has made a tremendous effort to help our organization reach new heights! Take a look at what Dean had to say about Bad Brass Women.

Member Name: Dena Espenscheid
Member Since: July 2013

Bad Brass: Why did you join Bad Brass Women?
Dena: I have many 2nd Amendment friends, especially women. Two years, I was staying with one and had a scare. My only defense (against an imaginary intruder) was a flag pole. I knew then that I was ready to defend myself and wanted to learn to handle firearms responsibly. It was not until I moved into the Hampton Roads that I finally found a group where I could learn about and practice with firearms until I am ready to become a gun owner. That group is the Bad Brass Women.

Bad Brass: What is your favorite Firearm?
Dena: My favorite firearm is the one in my hands, between me and the intruder attacking me and my family (safely behind me). Actually, I am still shopping. I want a firearm that I can conceal carry. It has to be small enough for a purse or holster, but large enough for my hand (I’ve learned that small guns hurt palms).

Bad Brass: Why do you feel owning a firearm is important?
Dena: I believe that personal responsibility is essential to the survival of our country and society. Personal responsibility includes the ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones. A firearm and proper training is one of the best ways to exercise self-defense an personal responsibility.

Bad Brass: What classes or events are you looking forward to?
Dena: Target Acquisition. I am loving the target practice at our monthly shoots and would love to learn about shooting competitively. I think that the Target Acquisition class will help my aim and cut down on my time between targeted shoots.

Bad Brass: What would you say to someone who was nervous about joining?
Dena: The Bad Brass Women is a group of dynamic women from all backgrounds and social standing. It is relaxed, fun and welcoming. Any women looking to become more comfortable or knowledgeable with firearms should join. (Men can join as associated members.)


Meet Our Concealed Carry Instructor – Andy Morgan

andy morganAndy grew up with firearms in the home and learned from an early age to respect them and what they represent. In 2006, Andy became a NRA certified Range Safety Officer to educate and promote proper firearm safety. This course led to successfully completing NRA instructor courses such as Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle and Basic Shotgun, as well as becoming an NRA certified Refuse To Be A Victim instructor. In addition to his growing list of NRA certifications, 2009 saw Andy being certified by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification as a Concealed Firearm Instructor. Andy gains great satisfaction knowing that the people he instructs leave his courses with a positive attitude and better knowledge and understanding of firearm safety.

December Member of the Month!


December Member of the Month – Allison Hope Tuthill

We sat down with Allison our December Member of the month, who has been a member since our inception. Allison has attended several classes and has made it out to most of our shoots. We asked her a few questions about herself and what she thinks of Bad Brass Women. Come out to our next meeting or event to meet Allison and find out how you can join too!

Bad Brass: Why did you join Bad Brass Women?
Allison: I have owned a firearm for about 4 years and wanted to make sure I was practicing regularly.

Bad Brass: What is your favorite Firearm?
Allison: I really prefer my Ruger GP 100, but it’s too big to carry around, so I just got a Ruger SP101 2 inch barrel. Both are 3.57 calibers.

Bad Brass: Why do you feel owning a firearm is important?
Allison: I just think that when you’re in your home and night and someone breaks in that it is preferable to be able to defend yourself rather than the police coming as quasi historians to try and find out what happened afterward while you have been harmed or possibly killed.

Bad Brass: What classes or events are you looking forward to?
Allison: I enjoy going to the range and I really like the safety classes and gun cleaning classes.

Bad Brass: What would you say to someone who was nervous about joining?
Allison: If you own a firearm or ever think you might want to, you should join. Everyone is very nice and the classes and activities are designed to meet the needs of people are various levels of experience and comfort with firearms. If you don’t plan to own a firearm, but someone in your family does, this group is also for you.

A Huge Thank You!

bbw website halloween party

Last night’s Halloween Fundraiser was a huge success, although the final numbers have not been tallied yet, we are well over $200 in profit! We’d like to reiterate our gratitude for Independent Women’s Network help in planning and funding last nights event, we’d also like to thank One Shot Trading Post for their generous contribution to the raffle and for hosting us at their wonderful venue. All Around Pizza came out and tended bar for us, helping to quench any thirst our attendees had! (They were quite a hit!) We were also fortunate to have DJ Richard donate his time! The highlight of the night however had to be Nikki Turpeaux who flew in all the way from Atlanta to talk about her success with Archangel Tactical and explain the importance of women learning self defense.


Nikkie was also the winner of our Halloween Contest! She dressed up as Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games. Our raffle winners included Jerry Preshier, Daniela Cusso, Mario Cusso, Nikki Troupeaux, Tori Brannock, and Matt Abbott.


Once again thank you to everyone who made it out last night! Be sure to take a look at the photos of our event and mark your calendar for next years Halloween Fundraiser!


Camping Trip *Cancelled*

bbw website camping

We have decided that due to low registration, we will be cancelling the fall camping trip. It seemed that with all the hustle of the upcoming holidays and the election that most people who wanted to attend were unable. We do plan to have a camping trip in the spring.

Please keep a look out for our rescheduled date and as always keep an eye out for all our upcoming events!


Jessica Abbott

Membership Cards!

Attention all Bad Brass Women members: you will soon be the proud bearers of Bad Brass Women membership cards! They have been printed and laminated and are ready to be passed out at our next meeting.

New and future members will receive membership cards soon after all their information and payment have been received.

Membership can also now be easily purchased and renewed online.

Website Update and Membership Cards

We at Bad Brass Women are working on a number of exciting updates. Our website is going through some changes as we try to make it more user-friendly and functional; we hope that soon we will be able to set it up so that membership can be purchased and renewed quickly and easily online.

We are also working on membership cards for our Charter and Associate members, which will allow members to get discounts and perks at associated businesses like One Stop Trading Post. We’re excited to offer these updates for our members and can’t wait to get everything up and running!